Kick ‘cigarettes’ butt with vaporizer pens

Do you think you have tried everything to quit smoking? If your answer is assertive then you might need to think again. There is this thing called vaporizer pen which is a cleaner alternative to cigarette smoking. So what exactly is a vape pen? Basically it is an effective device ranging in size from a pen to a large cigar which one can use to inhale the aromatic vapour of dry herbs, oils, wax concentrates and e-liquids. It does not involve combustion and releases vapour through vaporization. Thus the vapour releasing from vape pens is way more toxin-free and cleaner than the smoke produced from regular cigarettes.

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Types of vape pens: Mainly there are three different types of vaporizer pen available in the market.

Dry herb vape pens contain legal or medical marijuana, tobacco and different dried botanical herbs. They create a vapour by heating the herbs just enough to squeeze out the herbs essential oil.

Wax vape pens consist of legal marijuana waxes and also herbal waxy concentrates which are thicker than oil. Most of the times people use these vape pens to vaporize a kind of marijuana resin named hashish.

Oil vape pens are used with essential oils extracted from botanical herbs and e-liquid or e-juice.

Does vape pen really help you to quit smoking?

The answer to this question would be yes, it does. Thousands of people have claimed that they have never picked up a cigarette after vaping. Recently published studies also back up their claims scientifically. According to a study published in a renowned UK medical journal, after a month of using vape pens 22% people are able to quit smoking and 46% of vape pen users have left this habit after a year. So if you are really determined to kick this dirty habit then you should switch to using vape pens.

How do you leave smoking using vape pens?

You can successfully quit smoking only if you do it the right way. The main reason you can’t stop smoking is that cigarettes contain an addictive substance called nicotine. If you stop smoking the cigarettes, you will get withdrawal syndromes. Vape pens allow you to get just the nicotine your body needs. It is better to use the weaning method when you are trying to quit smoking. Be patient and do not rush the process. Start out with the highest level of nicotine that you can get so you don’t get tempted to return to traditional smoking. Once you can feel that tobacco’s hold on your body has worn down then you can start using e-liquid with weaker concentration of nicotine. When your body is comfortable with lower levels of nicotine in it, try going without the vape pen for a short period of time. This is how you will get used to the feeling of being a non-smoker. If you reach to the point where you just want to put an end to your nicotine habits, switch to vape pens containing zero nicotine e-liquid. These zero nicotine e-liquids come in various flavours so you can choose the one you like. After sometime you will realize that you can go without your vaping pen which means your body is not craving the nicotine anymore and eventually you can leave cigarette smoking forever.

5 Medical Marijuana Strains For Depression

Depression can have a lot of causes, one of them is chronic stress according to studies. People who experience too much stress have a decreased production of endocannabinoid that directly relates to behaviour, cognition and emotion. If supplemental cannabinoids are being introduced in the body, whether through smoking or ingesting it, there is reduced in the symptoms of depression. In short, medical marijuana can, as a matter of fact, help in treating depression – but only with the right type of marijuana strain.

5 Medical Marijuana Strains For Depression

Here are the best types of cannabis strains, which you can order from a mail order dispensary, used in treating depression and anxiety:

Blue Dream

This type of strain is a cross of the sweet Blueberry strain and is quite popular to many users because of its elevating, cerebral high followed by a soft body high. The Blue Dream strain is highly suggested to people with depression because it can help replace sadness, pain and stress with creativeness and socialization.


Another cannabis strain that has a high CBD-content is the Cannatonic strains. However, it has low levels of THC, which is more recommended for people who are suffering from anxiety. It can provide genuine and deep relaxation to fight off symptoms of anxiety and depression. Since the Cannatonic strain can help in making you feel happy and relaxed without any problem, it is recommended for day use.

Jack Herer (Greenhouse Seeds)

A classic cannabis strain, the Jack Herer got its name after the most known and significant cannabis activist of our time. This strain is a combination of Haze and Red Skunk strains and can bloom for about 56 days. This classic strain has been greatly sought by many people all around the world, which has even won 12 awards. Just like other strains that are Sativa dominant, it provided both activating and relaxing effect that affects both the body and mind.

Northern Lights

If your anxiety or depression can be lessened by using cannabis strains with high-THC content, than the Northern Lights strain is what you’re looking for. Its THC content is roughly 18%; this will immediately influence in easing your anxiety or depression and will help you relax and fall asleep. For depressed individuals suffering from insomnia, this strain can help.

Sour Tsunami

The Sour Tsunami strain contains high CBD-content which can greatly help in getting you off your medication. It induces comfort and relaxation and will not provide you with a trip that can be intense to handle.

Thanks for Farmacy Dispensary for these tips on the best strains for depression.